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Is your toilet overflowing or one of the pipes in the kitchen has leaked at night? There is nothing to worry as long as you have the contact details of a reliable plumber near you. But plumbing services are not just limited to repairing damaged pipes or fixing the drainage in your toilet. There are times when the entire drainage system in your house may have to be repaired because of a small fault. In such dire times, you will have to contact a blocked drains Wellington company and there is no better than Central Plumbing Limited to do the job for you.

Variety of plumbing services

An ideal plumbing company will be able to offer a wide range of plumbing services. Most people think that blocked drains Wellington companies will only come over if any pipe has been broken or they have a leak somewhere. There are several other services that companies like Central Plumbing Limited offer:

Cleaning the drains – clogged drains can be the reason why your bathroom is overflowing. The drainage system that leads from your bathroom and toilet to the back of your house has to be checked from time to time. This will be done by the blocked drains Wellington professionals. Starting from the drainage from the kitchen to the bathroom and toilet, if there is any blockage anywhere, the plumbers will clean the drain thoroughly to avoid any more blocks.

Repairing toilets – there are lots of reasons why your toilet may be flowing. In fact, it is not just about the overflowing toilets that you should be concerned about. There can problems with the flush or the clogged pipes, and a variety of other things. Your go-to company should be Central Plumbing Limited.

Water heater services – how showers are so comforting when winter is around. But what if the same water heater starts to leak or malfunction? You will notice that there is water leaking from the base of the hot water cylinder or the base has become too rusty. These are clear indications that your water heater has to be repaired. You will need an experienced plumber to get the heater repaired.

Sewer repairs – repairing sewers can be gross. There is too much of foul smell and the water always takes time to drain. You will also hear unusual noises when water is flowing through the sewers. If anything like this happens, you should get in touch with a reliable blocked drains Wellington company like Central Plumbing Limited. They have the right tools to get rid of the blockage in the sewer system.

It will be better to get an estimate of the total cost of the service that you are going to opt for. Central Plumbing Limited will listen to your problem and provide a free quotation. If you agree, they will send their plumbers to assess the situation and you will get to know the exact price that you have to pay to get the problem fixed by the professionals.

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