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When people have difficulty seeing close up, or seeing objects clearly far away, then they realize it is time to go see an optometrist. If you are in the Henderson or Newmarket area of Auckland, you should consider contacting John O’Connor Optometry. This is a business that was initially established back in 1978, clearly showing that they are providing an excellent service for the people of Auckland. Open six days a week, let’s look at why you should contact this Auckland University optometry professional that can help you with any vision problems that you may be currently experiencing.

John O’Connor Optometry Overview

This business does not only have an excellent reputation for providing excellent services, it also uses the latest testing and devices to determine what is wrong with your eyes. Once the testing is done, they will use internationally renowned HOYA lenses that will ensure that your vision will be corrected. They offer very affordable eye exams, which are not only inexpensive but extremely comprehensive. They can also do prescription updates, but if this is your initial visit, they will do a full eye health check.

What Can Their Testing Determine?

When you go through the many different testing options that John O Connor provides, they are going to be looking for several different problems. They will be able to detect if you have glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, or if cataracts are starting to develop. The lenses that will be available can come into different forms which will include eyeglasses and contacts, either of which may be preferable for you. Once the testing is done, you can feel confident that they will have detected any problems that you may be facing. You will be able to receive your contacts or glasses in the next few weeks allowing you to finally see clearly once again.

Setting An Appointment With John O’Connor Optometry Is Easy

Setting an appointment with this Auckland university optometry company is actually very easy to do. By calling them on the phone, they can find the next available appointment for you and schedule you in. Depending upon what it is that you need to have done, you may have to be therefore a little longer, especially if this is going to be your first eye exam quite some time. They must you all of the necessary testing to properly determine what problems you are having with your eyes which could be the result of eyestrain, or perhaps even a medical condition that they will be able to determine right away.

Contact John O Connor Optometry if you believe that you need to have some type of eyewear that can they should be able to find out exactly what is happening, and resolve the issue. This Auckland University optometry company has been providing quality services for decades, and they are highly recommended. If you have not yet set an appointment with an optometrist in Auckland to resolve your vision problems, definitely consider working with this Auckland University optometry business.


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